Friends Save Life of Retired DC Firefighter By Aimee Cho and Cordilia James Published at 7:31 PM EDT on Jun 4, 2018 |
HFD honors firefighters killed in 2013 Southwest Inn fire
Houston firefighters embraced just feet away from a blackened foundation where, just five years ago, they lost several of their
The number of people switching to natural gas as a fuel source is ever growing. It’s obvious the frequency of
Mother Rescue
BOSTON (CBS) – A Dorchester mother says it was the most nerve-wracking decision she has ever made to hand her son to
Fire Sends Two Chicago Firefighters to Hospital
Fire Sends Two Chicago Firefighters to Hospital Two firefighters were injured in an extra-alarm blaze on the Northwest Side that
Firefighter Catches Falling Man
Incredible resourcefulness and improvisation by Latvian rescuers has helped save a person who fell from the fourth floor of a
In this Training Minutes video, John Simpson and company offer three methods for extending a hoseline up the outside of a
Corrosion of a metal can be defined as its degrading from a reaction with its environment. This degradation can cause
Santa Barbara County Fire Department
This photo from video provided by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department shows Montecito Creek flowing alongside debris left over
Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill Tuesday that will make Washington state the first in the country to ban the