China’s state TV says at least 18 coal miners have been killed by high levels of carbon monoxide in the
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According to a report from The Daily News, a historic 19th-century church was destroyed by a massive six-alarm fire Saturday
The front carriage of a Dutch metro train that landed on a sculpture of a whale’s tail after plowing through
Fire Blackens Thousands of Acres North of North Platte
Two Bowen Valley firefighters who persevered until finding flames in the forest Thursday were able to contain the spread to
After Dry, Warm Winter, Early Brush Fires Seen in Northeast
A San Francisco firefighter was knocked unconscious and critically injured Monday while fighting a high-rise fire and officials are looking
Fire Departments Share Duties After Malakoff (TX) Firefighters Resign
A Kent man is dead after a crash at the intersection of Tallmadge and Sandy Lake roads in Brimfield on
Houston Arson Investigator Shot and Killed in the Line of Duty
The Houston (TX) Fire Department (HFD) reported that Arson Investigator Lemuel Bruce, 44, was shot and killed in the line
The United States fire service continues to be plagued by the fact that a majority of on-duty deaths are sudden
Tanzania Asks for Aircraft to Battle Fire on Mt. Kilimanjaro
Tanzania’s government is hoping helicopters and planes will help put out a fire raging on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain