Firefighters and Construction

Changes on Main Street: Modern Taxpayers

By Salvatore Ancona

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Firefighters once could look at single-story taxpayers and, based on area history, preplanning, and general knowledge, assess what we were potentially walking into.

Over the last century, with the exception of strip malls, we have seen two types of buildings that use common construction practices that we are able to readily identify: Non-Combustible (Type II) and the most common, historically speaking, Ordinary (Type III) construction.

But what happens when it is not readily evident what type of construction or building materials are used? How does this alter our operation considering we frequently use the knowledge of building construction learned over time for tactical, risk, and safety considerations?

New materials are being erected within our taxpayers that don’t necessarily fall into just one class, but they do share similar characteristics and methods that change how they ultimately fail. Let’s take a look at a few of these changes…

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