Firefighting Basics: Getting Water to and on the Fire, Part 3

Mark van der Feyst   -2.8.2021

We are continuing our look at engine company operations with getting water to and on the fire. In our last session, we looked at the steps taken and needed for advancing the pre-connect handline. As basic as this skill is, it is a vital skill to know and to be proficient with so that the interruption of suppression efforts is reduced. This month we are going to look at the third part of the process evaluation of our “roll in” drill for getting water to and on the fire: getting water from the truck to the nozzle.

In this section of our process evaluation, the two key people involved are going to the pump operator/driver and the nozzleman. Communication between these two people is paramount for this series of actions to play out right. Once the truck has come to a complete stop, the other steps described in our previous two articles come to life. The water supply is being secured while the preconnect handline is being pulled and advanced to the structure’s front door.

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