Forest Service Seeks to Hire Hundreds of Seasonal Firefighters. CHADRON — If you’re looking for a temporary adventure that could lead to a promising future, Scott Bovey may be looking for you.

Bovey is the new fire management officer for the U.S. Forest Service office in Chadron. Beginning in December, he’ll be looking to fill hundreds of firefighting jobs.

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Versatile. Comfortable

PacMule Belts are Practical. And potentially lifesaving. The ultimate hands-free truckman’s belt was developed by a small group of veteran Illinois Firefighters who thought they could add more utility to a basic truckman’s  tool belt. They didn’t stop with utility. They PacMule does it all… and does it well.

More Comfort

This lightweight belt integrates 4” wide coolmax-lined back padding against the 1-1/2” nylon webbing that actually carries the load. The full-length  waist pad not only provides wrap-around support, it puts a layer of extra cushioning between the belt and your body, comfortably spreading the load, and protecting you-and your turnout coat- from cutting or abrasion by the belt and the tools it’s designed to carry. Plus it helps protect you from your SCBA hitting your spine.

More Utility

The PacMule ultra is designed to carry tools and equipment in any situation without slipping or tangling. The patented drop-down D-rings are suspended from the supporting webbing, and attrached horizontally at the lower edge of the belt. The unique design keeps an axe or Halligan suspended from the D-ring in a stable position that minimizes swinging and holds the tool’s head against the cushioning belt. When not being used, the D-rings fold flat against the belt and are held up, and out of the way, by snaps. Two addition carabineer slots in back let you attach additional equipment or tag lines.

More Speed

The quick-release fastener is designed to be snapped on or opened in a hurry, even with gloves on. Then the friction buckle lets you adjust the belt’s size to fit comfortably and securely over your turnout gear, with a quick pull.

More Safety Options

With its 6,000 lbs. rated webbing and forged bailout ring, the PacMule Ultra exceeds NFPA specifications for escape belts. The specially shaped front-mounted bailout ring provides a secure, fast-access attachment point for a ladder strap or bailout line, as well as tag and search lines. Like the side D-rings, it folds out of the way and is held flat against the belt by a snap when not in use.