Creating a ‘Hunger’ for Training

Creating a ‘Hunger’ for Training


By Andy Young

How many times have you sat through a boring slide presentation or simply gone through the motions during a drill that you’ve seemingly done a thousand times before? Do you know that feeling you get when you’re just staring at the clock, thinking about lunch? That’s called “hunger” and we all have it. Professional Powerlifter Mark “Smelly” Bell once said, “Training SHOULD leave you hungry. You should be hungry for more training!” That statement hit home and applies perfectly to fire service training.

It can’t be said enough that firefighting is the best job in the world. However, if that’s the case, we should all finish every training session hungry and wanting more. No firefighter should ever leave training being grateful that it was over and hoping to never do it again. Firefighters should leave training wishing the class was longer or wanting to complete just one more evolution. Better yet, they should be excited to get the chance to apply those new skills in the real world and show what they’ve learned. But how do we make this happen?

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