Friends Save Life of Retired DC Firefighter

Friends Save Life of Retired DC Firefighter

When a retired D.C. firefighter collapsed at a gym in Capitol Heights last month, two friends — both firefighters too — saved his life. On Monday, the D.C. fire department honored those men.

Keith Nesbitt was on a treadmill at Gold’s Gym on May 4 when he suddenly fell. His friend David Tinley was alongside him.

Nesbitt said he doesn’t remember what happened, but Tinley does.

“I’m down there doing CPR on my best friend,” he said. “As I look into his face and he’s not breathing, it was really hard for me.”

That’s when another firefighter, Bryant Edgerton, stepped up and performed CPR on Nesbitt.

A manager of the gym rushed to get an automated external defibrillator (AED). They used the device to shock Nesbitt twice, restoring his pulse.

Members of the Prince George’s County fire department arrived and rushed Nesbitt to a hospital.

Nesbitt said it’s thanks to Edgerton and Tinley that he’s alive today.

“I appreciate all they’ve done. I love each and every one of you,” he said.

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