Multifamily Dwelling Fires Training

Multifamily Dwelling Fires Training

By Aaron Hummel

Noting a dearth of in-depth training on multifamily dwelling fires, the Boise (ID) Fire Department moved to develop a substantive training piece on the subject.

The 2017 training guide was titled “Multifamily Dwelling Fires” and includes detailed considerations for fighting and managing fires in multifamily dwellings. This 33-page document contains numerous illustrations (local pre- and postfire images) and was rolled out to the department 30 days prior to 18 in-person sessions (each 90 minutes long) that were taught to reach our 60 fire companies (A,B and C platoons) in the city of Boise.

In the hopes that this training may prove beneficial to other departments, the Boise Fire Department has made this training available online. You can download this guide as a PDF HERE (3.1 MB) and watch the embedded video below.

Aaron Hummel is a battalion chief for the Boise (ID) Fire Department.

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